Grouse shooters – your time is running out

Patrick Barkham in the Guardian today.

Grouse shooting has survived so far because big landowners can ignore sea changes in public opinion. But politicians cannot.

As grouse shooting becomes socially toxic, businesses will also shy away. And the lavish subsidies pocketed by grouse moor owners will vanish with Brexit.’


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13 Replies to “Grouse shooters – your time is running out”

    1. It will be interesting to see when upland land prices start to tumble. These guys are driven by money, not morals, and as soon as they see the end of the gravy train they will jump.

  1. Great to see the article but the Guardian is too much of a liberal gatekeeper for me to want to subsidise it. See Media Lens' coverage over at

    Also,I guess most people here will have read Manufacturing Consent by Herman and Chomsky but if not I would recommend reading it.

  2. BTW: a piece in praise of grouse by Tom Kitchin (a chef apparently) in today's Metro, in case you missed it. No mention of being poisoned by lead funnily enough.

  3. He's not actually predicting a ban - just that it will become less popular/viable - just as hunting with dogs was before it was given a boost by the Hunting Act.

    Whether that would in general be a good thing depends on many factors including what system of management/mismanagement replaces it.

    I've always felt their are many shades of grey with these things with each side in a divisive debate only able to admit to the black or the white.

    1. giles - no-one said he was predicting a ban did they? Although I think he might be.

      What was the point of your comment please? I ask because I sometimes feel that moderating your comments sometimes verges on a waste of my time so I'd much prefer it, as mentioned before, if you only commented when you have something to new and/or relevant and/or interesting to say.

      1. Are you criticising me for making multiple posts on the same subject? That would be ironic?

        I was simply pointing out that he was saying that grouse shooting is on the way out anyhow. It was a comment on the content of the article you were posting about.

        I'd have thought that was obvious and I'm not sure why you are asking me to post again when my comment was perfectly clear. If you want more elaboration please just ask.

        1. giles - that comment was a waste of your and my time really, wasn't it? It also contains inaccuracies.

      2. If it helps Mark - I'm not sure why you moderate every comment before it's posted.

        most sites have logins so people can post freely and are only deleted/blocked if they are trolling or abusive - possibly with anonymous comments pre moderated.

        You obviously want to read every single comment wihch is why you set it up like this.

        1. giles - no it doesn't help much but thank you for trying.

          My experience, and you form part of that experience, is that people occasionally attempt to post inappropriate or sometimes even libellous comments here - and since I am responsible for this blog I try to draw the line in a sensible place between 'fair, even if not friendly, comment' and 'too rude'. And some just keep bangi9ng on in a repetitive manner saying the same thing over and over again - actually hardly anyone does that...

          And then some people don't want their comments to be published but post here to communicate with me.

          And then there are all those corrections that people think of just after they have posted a comment and would like to be incorporated.

          And the spamchecker is very good but sometimes lets its guard down and you wouldn't want links to viagra I'm sure as an upstanding member of the public.

          And then there are those comments which I'd like to reply to immediately because they ask me a question or say something daft - and i keep those until i have time to do that properly (which is difficult if I am driving down or up a motorway at 70mph.

          So, yes, I have moderated all 48,000+ comments here and will continue to do so. But thanks anyway.

          You have another comment in the queue awaiting moderation - I haven't read it yet. I have some other stuff to do now. That's how it works.

          1. "you wouldn't want links to viagra I'm sure as an upstanding member of the public"

            if I wasn't upstanding they might come in handy...


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