Saturday cartoons by Ralph Underhill





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4 Replies to “Saturday cartoons by Ralph Underhill”

  1. A great cartoon. I always knew Brexit would be a total disaster for this country and so it is proving to be. The right wing element of the Tory party, which includes this Prime Minister, seem intent on driving this country over the cliff edge. There is now an overwhelming case for have a second referendum, to ask if the UK really does want to commit sucide or whether it wishes to see sense at the last minute and step back from the brink to work with our European partners on all fronts including improving our environment and wildlife.

  2. For the eighth consecutive year, the UK has exported more goods to the Rest of the World, under WTO rules, than it has exported to the EU.

    1. Keith - might that be because 90% of the world's population live outside the EU? But the 10% of the world population in the EU gets 44% of our exports?

      1. It might, indeed. But it has also been achieved despite the EU placing a significant tariff on our exports to the Rest-of-the-World, which will not necessarily apply once we have left!


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