February Red Kites

I’m keeping a note of whether I see Red Kites on each day through the year – in January I saw Red Kites on 22 days out of 31.

February has had a higher strike rate – 24 out of 28 days.





4 Replies to “February Red Kites”

  1. I can only dream of your strike rate Mark, 2 out of 28 February (January 0x31), though better with some other raptors, BZ 28×28 (31×31),EA 12 (6), GI 6 (4), HH 14(16), K 17(20), PE 3(3), SH 15(9), WE 8(2).

  2. Can’t match that but one regularly comes over the roof tops looking, I guess, for food in gardens, near by. As our estate is built on a hillside and we live at the top,I am sometimes at the same level as the bird, a lovely sight.

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