Massive payment


I’m not complaining at all – but those who seem to think that writing books (at least writing my books!) is the easy route to riches might like to help me decide how to spend these royalty payments for 2017 for Birds and Forestry, A Message from Martha and Inglorious.

What this does mean is that Inglorious has paid off its advance (see here for details) and is still paying me some money five years after I wrote it.  That’s the way to look at it.  Woohoo!

Today I’m off to the London Book Fair (I’ve never been before) to see some other rich authors.




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14 Replies to “Massive payment”

  1. Well at least they gave you some money - I'm going to have to wait another year for it to get above £20 - with luck !

    1. Roderick - I wonder whether you should sign your Birds and Forestry rights over to me and then I could reimburse you! Would have been a good idea last year but maybe we’ll sell a copy this year!

    1. Susan - absolutely, and I’m not complaining. And, for the record I was paid a very decent salary by the RSPB for many years so I really don’t have any complaints.

      I notice that doing what’s wrong quite often seems to pay quite well though.

  2. Salt a bit of something away - HMRC are going to be coming for you. I believe the Cayman Islands account is particularly popular.

  3. You may wish to ask Duncan Thomas what conservation measures he and his association (BASC) have undertaken with all the money they receive in membership fees. Non whatsoever is probably the answer.

    1. Yes indeed Eric they will have spent nothing on real conservation but will claim the exact opposite . I wonder did they spend any on the defence barrister in the recent Bleasdale Estate keeper case? I'm afraid I always had a very low opinion of DT and that has not changed.

  4. Speaking of money etc; did you notice that in the Aggregate IQ, Cambridge Analytica and Brexit saga the Countryside Alliance were one of several organisations, along with the DUP, BeLeave, Veterans for Britain, Change Britain and Vote Leave, to be were found in a computer code repository set up by AIQ as part of their work on behalf of the Leave campaign.

    Why would a "nonpartisan, nonprofit organization devoted to advancing causes and issues of particular importance to rural Britain" be part of this shady cabal?


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