3 Replies to “Tim Sarney – Short-eared Owl”

  1. Excellent photo! I hope that streak of guano didn’t end up on you or your lens Tim!

  2. Jonathan – fortunately I was some distance away, the photo was taken with a Nikon D500 and 300mm F4 lense with 1.4 converter and then cropped. The camera has a 2/3 sensor so the equivalent focal length is 630mm. Hand held. I think it is the same camera set up that Tim Melling uses. One of the advantages of this camera / lens combination is the high frame rate and autofocus tracking. Anyone interested in photographing moving wildlife should have a look at Steve Perry’s tips. A link to his website is:


    His tips on back button focus and setting up AF etc. are really good and provide excellent rsults with a bit of practice.

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