Farewell Brexit Bulldog!

By Robert Sharp / englishpen (Simon Singh Press Conference) [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
And so we say farewell to David Davis, the Brexit Bulldog.  I have quite a lot of time for Mr Davis even though I agree with him about very little. You may have noticed that I did not list him in the three Cabinet minisiters who lack moral compass. I think Davis has a moral compass, as, perhaps, exemplified by his resignation, even if his political compass points in a very different direction from my own.

I was thinking this morning, while listening to Davis on the Today programme and afterwards (see here at about 08:10  – he was very good whereas John Humphreys wasn’t) as I drove through his constituency, what TM the PM should do. Well, having got home I find she has appointed Dominic Raab – which isn’t what she should have done.

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What she should have done is merged the International Trade Department and the Brexit Department and left the execrable Liam Fox to pretend to run them. There isn’t anything for him to do on trade because we don’t know what rules will be, and there wouldn’t be anything for him to do on Brexit because the PM will do it all. Thus we save one Cabinet salary, reduce the number of Brexiteers in the Cabinet by one  (a self-inflicted though honourable wound), and leave Liam Fox floundering but harmless.

But here’s another piece of advice for TM the PM: wait until the end of the day to see whether Boris resigns – he won’t! Boris does not have the courage or the moral compass to resign – I might be wrong but we’ll see. And then sack him tonight!

By UK Government [OGL 3 (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/3)], via Wikimedia Commons
Boris has not been an adequate let alone impressive Foreign Secretary, he has not behaved like a grown-up , he has broken ranks with the PM several times and nobody, least of all TM the PM needs his cheery little face around the place any more. He’s had his chance to step up and completely blown it.

Sidelining Fox and sacking Boris would put May back in charge of her gang and that’s what she should have done – she should still do the second bit of it!  Whether May being in charge will get us anywhere that any of us want to go is a moot point, but not having the PM in charge clearly is an even worse alternative.



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  1. In the last few days two of my friends who voted Remain have had a change of mind: they had thought the Referendum result must be respected; now, like me, they believe we must have a second referendum with the option to stay in the EU.

    In the way of this stands Jeremy Corbyn and his immediate circle. Loyal Labour Party members like you, Mark, need to get Labour to shift its position, otherwise disaster awaits.

  2. No way Boris will resign. He knows no shame and is probably hoping that Davis’ resignation will provoke a back bench revolt that will topple May and allow him to swan in and seize the throne that his vanity tells him is his destiny. It is a very depressing prospect and I hope that one way or another he is thwarted.

    1. Well Boris has surprised us by actually resigning. Not, I am pretty sure, an act of principle but a calculated step to precipitate the fall of May and a rapid return to government in the top job.

  3. One hopes that Boris falling on his sword ( oh that it was not a metaphor) does not result in a loss of terrible Theresa. Yes she is utterly useless and clueless but Boris as PM would be an utter, utter disaster.

  4. and all of a sudden the brexit deal is 80% complete

    are these things a little spun?

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