So exciting…!

Friday afternoon, around 1630, is the peak time for NE to reply to my FOI/EIR requests.  Since we are promised a response by the end of July my guess is that it will either be late this afternoon or last thing on Tuesday.

And of course it will have been worth waiting for nearly 13 months for their complete open account of how they allowed protected wildlife to be killed in an SSSI/SPA…

See here for a resume.


4 Replies to “So exciting…!”

  1. What’s the betting that the response makes reference to the fact that this all took place a very long time ago. And ‘we have now reviewed our procedures to ensure that this will not happen again’ – or something similar. Of course that sort of response only works if you can engineer a long delay in providing it.

      1. Mark – It’s not impossible but that was a long time ago and I have reviewed my procedures to ensure that it won’t happen again

        1. Well played, sir. An OBE and a place on the board of Natural England is on its way.

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