Bird Fair speakers – a questionnaire

To achieve greater gender balance in main speakers at the Bird Fair there either has to be more time (this would be difficult to do, but should be kept in mind) or there has to be less time given to male speakers.

If you fill in this questionnaire then we’ll have more information than now on which decisions could be made (rather than everyone imagining that they know what everyone else wants).

The first few questions are about you, for example your gender (so that it is possible to see whether males and females want different things) but the last two questions are about which male speakers you would miss the least and which female speakers you would like to see the most.

If anyone would like to predict what they think the answers will be then feel free to leave a comment here.  Otherwise, add your views and then we’ll see.

Over 220 responses so far (55% male).

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8 Replies to “Bird Fair speakers – a questionnaire”

  1. Or as per comment on other blog shorter talks for all events marquee speakers allowing for more talks and a broader range of speakers. Then it’s not a case of less time for male speakers but shorter talks for all speakers regardless of gender. Birdfair really should take this as an opportunity to lead the way on gender equality.

    1. David - well, it is a case of shorter time for the predominantly male speakers of today. And a larger number of talks might actually be logistically a little tricky.

  2. From what I learned yesterday it is not the speakers you should be looking at but the store holders. Attendance was down and with so many speakers and tents to accommodate them who was supposed to be going around the main 'money paying' folk - the stall holders? Complaints are coming [if not already in] from the stall holders and big names may not be present next year. Add on the new 'Countryfile Live' in Yorkshire and as you mentioned in earlier correspondents something has to be done.

    1. Jon - I believe you have a point. It may be that a rethink of whole basis, and business model of the Bird (or should it be Wildlife?) Fair is needed.

      1. No question about it. It should definitely be Wildlife fair. Much more inclusive and in fact, that’s what it has become anyway.

        1. Paul - it is what it has almost become, I think. And, of curse, what the Widlife Trusts and Natures Voice seemingly stand for too...

          A simple rebrand might freshen things up. Maybe?

          1. Paul/Mark - a big yes to a rebrand! Internally it may almost have become a wildlife event but from the outside to many I think it looks like a twitchers convention. Much wider appeal if branded as wildlife/nature/conservation event.

          2. How about a trial compromise for the title. Bird and Wildlife fair.
            Should suit everybody then.


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