Let’s get this past 2000 signatures this weekend (please)

Les Wallace’s moderate and sensible petition calling for a proper economic analysis of the costs and benefits of grouse shooting and grouse moor management is approaching 2000 signatures.  It would be good to see it pass that mark this weekend – at the end of its first month.

The RSPB Skydancer blog gave it some support yesterday but we know that RSPB support is always lukewarm for petitions. A quick email around RSPB staff at The Lodge would get this petition well past 2000 signatures today.

It is a measure of the feebleness of grouse shooting’s economic benefit that none of the Moorland Association, GWCT or Countryside Alliance have promoted this study. They are well aware that they need an economic review of their pointless hobby like they need a hole in the head!

Please sign here and ask your friends to sign too, please.


3 Replies to “Let’s get this past 2000 signatures this weekend (please)”

  1. Now at 2,001. I just shared in on the “We support Chris Packham” FB group page so that may help it along a little.

  2. I know you’ve done it before but is there any chance you could plug Alex Milne’s Scottish Parliament petition to change legislation relating to covert filming on grouse moors.

    The petition is at
    and his supporting blog is at

    I haven’t checked the law but, personally, I fail to see how covert filming on open access land should be illegal. If there’s open access then I fail to see how any estate can expect privacy in those areas.

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