Three weeks tomorrow – will you be there?


5 Replies to “Three weeks tomorrow – will you be there?”

  1. Wish there was a ‘virtual wall’ where folk who would dearly love to go, but just can’t, can still support it. Is it possible?

    1. Mairi – I’ve passed your idea on to Chris Packham and something like what you suggested is going to be in place soon. Thank you – your good idea is being ‘actioned’ (as people say these days).

  2. As 22 September is the exact due date for our baby I hope that Lucy and I may be excused. Although Ruth Peacey did suggest that Lucy giving birth on the march itself would be great publicity all round!

    1. Rob – bad planning 😉

      It’s always good to have friends around for important personal events…

      Best of luck to you both, soon to be the three of you.

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