An opportunity

That nice Michael Gove wants to know what you think about National Parks in England (I think in England – I’ve only had a quick look).

The consultation looks easy enouh to complete and we have ages to do so – two months.

I’ll be coming back to this with some thoughts on how to complete this consultation.

Grouse shooting? Rewilding? Centres for wildlife restoration?

But if you want to crack on with it on your own – here is the link.

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4 Replies to “An opportunity”

  1. I expect this is because the government are looking to Frack them to death.
    A whole two months to review all of the parks. Pretty sure it'd take that time to review just a half of one of them.
    Again, all strategically planned by the government in their quest to take control of what isn't theirs.

    We need to scrutinise their every move on this.
    Watch them like a Hawk.

  2. Well, it’s worth doing, but have a brew and a packet of biccies to hand cos it’s going to take you a while.
    Still, I got a bit off my chest even if they file it under B1N.

  3. Not just National Parks - It's Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty as well. Together they cover nearly a quarter of England. It's probably worth your investment in time and biscuits.


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