No ordinary bird!

I came across this card whilst on a secret mission…somewhere in the general area of the Cotswolds.

There are several people to whom I can imagine sending a card headed ‘No ordinary bird’ and obviously the Hen Harrier is no ordinary bird to me, and many readers of this blog.

But I was interested when I turned the card over and saw this too…

So I got in touch with the artist, Sally Anson, and spoke to her and looked at her website.  She does a variety of cards of endangered species, home and abroad, and that generates money which at present is donated to WWF.

I don’t think that a few years ago we would have expected to come across the Hen Harrier on a card of endangered UK species – a somewhat ironic sign of progress.  It put a smile on my face as my companion and I … that’s the secret bit.

Sally told me that the Hen Harrier card sells well. Maybe you’d like a few too…

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3 Replies to “No ordinary bird!”

  1. Fab article, it's hard fighting the cause of the unfashionable, this year I've reached out to another 1200 pupils, great cause , great work and a passion for the underdog. Skydancer highlights the plight of the most persecuted bird of prey in the UK, the foreword from Lolo W is worth a read on its own, check out a likeminded friend at Martha even features in the book.

  2. I'll probably buy some of these cards, however the sort of people we ought to send them to in order to try and influence them for the better will almost certainly not get the point. They are too self righteous, arrogant and ignorant. But we must still try!
    Perhaps I'll send them to folk who share a joy of this bird.


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