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This book was conceived on this blog when Paul Thomas approached me with the idea of producing regular cartoons.  I was glad to give him the opportunity to publish his work here and to promote his artwork.

And now he has produced a book of cartoons – some of which will be familiar to you but many will not.  And the text has been adjusted quite a lot over time. You’ll see Paul credits me with editing the book but all I did really was read it through and comment on some things for him. And in a spirit of openness – I have no financial skin in the game of this book’s publication.

And so, without hesitation, I can recommend this book to you as the type of book you will like if you like this sort of book!

And what type of book is it? It’s childishly funny and irreverent bordering on the mildly offensive at times.  Probably not a Christmas present for your staid aunt who likes watching birds in her garden – but you never know – give it a try!  She’ll certainly remember this present above all those bottles of talc you have given her in the past.

Here’s a reminder of one of the cartoons first published here in July 2017 and which now sits in A Tabloid History of Birdwatching although much modified in both words and layout.

The book’s birdwatching leitmotif works very well but you certainly don’t have to be a birder of any sort to enjoy the book.  However, if you are a birder you must be prepared to have fun poked at you in these pages as well as at everyone else.

These are wonderful cartoons, an hilarious who’s who of the twitcherati… I’m considering using Arse Full of Elderflower as the title of my next tour.


Original, tongue-in-cheek and often very amusing ornithological history tour…full of painful puns, wacky pictures and a healthily irreverent attitude.


Birding is a subject that some of us can take too seriously at times. After reading this book you’ll never have a serious moment again! Love this!

David Lindo

A beautiful and unique thing: a breathtaking work of art and an historical document… a birding bible, every inch as vital as your Collins and Helm fieldguides.

YOLO birder

Every hide on every nature reserve should have a copy of this book to provide a true perspective on the scene outside.

Mark Avery

The book is A4-sized which shows off the artwork very well and makes the text easier to read than it ever was on this blog.  I think that Paul has a rare talent as a cartoonist – the artwork is wonderful.

A Tabloid History of Birdwatching by Paul Thomas is available from the author at £12.99.


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  1. I could be wrong but those Bins top left look like the Legendary 1st generation Zeiss MB GOs (mammoth bone, glassless optics !!!

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