This is a good idea apparently getting nowhere

I keep an eye on the UK Parliament petition site and this one caught my eye.  I think it is a very good idea. No, really, a very good idea.

But very good ideas can wither through lack of promotion. 

There is practically no chance that any of our wildlife NGOs will take up this idea and promote it and yet their jobs would be made far easier if such a duty existed. And I’d love to see Therese Coffey’s response to it which would be along the lines of  ‘nah, not interested’.

My signature was number 141 and in the Corby constituency.  Click here if you’d like to add your name too.


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  1. And in fact, more broadly, governments should have a responsibility to act in the interests of all living things in a country, not just the people. We are a selfish species.

  2. I have a word of caution, I’m afraid, but also a solution.
    If the proposal was enacted, there is likely at least one party, who would advocate to it’s MPs something along the following lines.
    “We suggest that you confirm if asked , that you do act in n the interests of their constituency’s wildlife e.g. conserving biodiversity.
    In particular, you may be prepared to consider the following:
    Foxes are known to be endangering our native wildlife, including all waders, small mammals and the like. We suggest that you contribute in season by supporting any local fox hunts, as well as using your vote in parliament to remove restrictive legislation which at present prevents the more effective removal of this most dreadful animal.
    At head office, we particularly favour song birds. These are greatly endangered by vicious birds and other animals driving them and other wildlife to extinction. We suggest that you encourage people to remove these other animals to support our songbirds, and use your vote in parliament to remove from the statute book after brexit those ridiculous laws which prohibit the removal of all vermin, thus conserving diversity and acting in favour of wildlife.”

    I’ve signed but I would not give the petition more than 1 star out of 5 for helping in a meaningful way A People’s Manifesto for Wildlife.
    Surely the ministers in the manifesto could take 5 minutes per month to review such proposals and score them. I’d also like the charities and NGOs in the environmental field, in the guise of Link UK (say) rather than individual charities to score such proposals using their representatives, in order that a large number of people could back the highest scoring actions proposed.
    Personally, although the holes in fences in new properties petition, which I’ve also signed, may help hedgehogs in a minor way, it is not why I have not had to move one to the side of the road in many a year.
    Hedgehogs would likely be better served by for instance, requiring slug pellet packaging to devote more than half of the space to warnings of the product to children, pets and wildlife. I have no evidence that hedgehogs are missing because of slug pellets, but I think that it is likely that someone could point me in the right direction if it is true. I also do not know which regulation would need to be amended, but the petition should be make a suggestion for effective change in legislation.
    Of course, this is in effect an advert for my latest bit of armchair activism, but it is not yet fully ready to be revealed to ministers and the public. I hope that you will grant a moment of reflection about the petition.

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