Letter to my MP – we might agree on this!

Dear Mr Pursglove

I hope you will vote against the Brexit deal agreed between the government and the EU.

I suspect you may vote against it because you don’t feel it is a sufficiently hard Brexit. I feel it isn’t a sufficiently soft Remain. But, for once, I trust we can agree that it is a hopeless deal and that therefore, rather rarely, you will actually be voting in a way of which I approve.

Yours sincerely

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1 Reply to “Letter to my MP – we might agree on this!”

  1. Just as the number of letters did not materialise in order to have a vote of no confidence take place, I suspect that many Tory MPs will not now be voting against the present deal when it comes to parliament. It may be a tighter run thing than many still predict. At least we can count on Boris and his hard brexiteers (but how many?) and the DUP hardliners. They will be happy enough without the billion pounds as they will Never Surrender, and seem happy enough that there is no democracy in NI along with Sinn Féin. Neither of them are now as attached to being in government as those brave people who signed the agreement.


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