Not finished yet.

Our judicial review of brood meddling needs a third day. We don’t yet know when that day might be. More information when I have more information. 

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6 Replies to “Not finished yet.”

  1. Whilst one hopes that this is a successful, very successful, is needing a third day a good thing or not?

  2. Mark Avery is a leftie and is using the Hen Harrier as a guise to further his left wing socialists agenda.

    The DEFRA Hen Harrier Brood Mgt. Is working and showing results.

    Why is Avery and the RSPB against this Hen Harrier success story?

    The reason is they do not want Hen Harrier numbers to increase as by having them rare they make a lot of money from guilable people who donate their hard earned cash

    1. Your comment, Mike, is just plain silly. Many people who do not share Mark's political views are equally incensed by what is happening to our hen harriers and do not expect organisations like DEFRA to promote illegal and useless plans to supposedly reduce what is cynical and relentless persecution.

    2. I'll be polite Mike and just say your claims are utter rubbish. We do not know whether brood meddling will work or not as it has not been tried as there are still no nests on private grouse moors, however much the Moorland Association claim otherwise. The slight Harrier increase is taking place elsewhere and it is quite clear that when the young gravitate to grouse moors they are "disappeared." Harriers are hardly a success story there were 9 successful nests where there should be hundreds. politics in the sense you mean is irrelevant as what we re trying to do is get rid of the widespread criminality within game shooting. I can only suggest you stop listening to the likes of Gilruth, Anderson or the Countryside Areliars et al, give up reading shite like Shooting Times and try living in the real world where the only thing harriers need or upland Peregrines or Short-eared Owls and Goshawks need is for criminals to stop killing them and idiots like you excusing those criminals.

    3. So Mark Avery and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds are the forces of anarchy?

      At least Jimmy you are not one of those 'guilable' people: you're just waiting for the signal that the balloon is really going up.


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