Still waiting for Waitrose

This Pheasant-meat meal was on sale with an inaccurate health warning in my local Waitrose on Christmas Eve – I went and did most of the little necessary pre-Christmas shopping in Lidl and noticed how much cheaper it was for some of the brands I wanted…

I’m not sure why it takes a large retailer a month to recognise, apologise for and rectify a mistake it has made. For more information see
23 November, 26 November, 28 November, 3 December, 10 December, 14 December, 19 December.

I’m expecting something pretty dramatic from Waitrose soon – or else why are they delaying so long?

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1 Reply to “Still waiting for Waitrose”

  1. Perhaps they are waiting until all the stock is finished before they announce that they will no longer stock leaded pheasant. I'll wish for that on midnight in 2 days.


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