This blog resolves…

  • to stand up for nature
  • not to be gratuitously nasty
  • not to be afraid of upsetting people
  • to write with clarity and some style
  • to reduce the number of typos and spelling mistakes
  • to give others a voice
  • to offer practical advice for its readers to help nature
  • sometimes to be first with the news, but more often to be best with the comment on the news

Moreover, and this is not a sound bite, this blog resolves to treat people and organisations with respect where they deserve it but with derision where they deserve that. And all of us, including the main writer of this blog, are a mixture of good and bad – there is no-one who is all one or all the other, not in the real world. And so I will criticise my friends and praise those who are not generally aligned with my views – at least now and again.

We’ll see how it goes.

Happy New Year!

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3 Replies to “This blog resolves…”

  1. This blog, with all its foibles is inspirational and much appreciated.

    Thank you is not enough but it's genuine and it's sincere.

    Wishing you and Rosemary all the very best for the year ahead.

    Wishing the conservation community a productive campaign year ahead, together #wewillwin the various challenges;)

  2. Sounds great to me Mark and thanks a lot for all your efforts. We will, with your excellent work, achieve a much better deal for nature and the environment than the current one,
    Happy New Year,


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