Bowland Gull Cull 24

Dr Coffey – what a charmer! What an advocate for wildlife she is as biodiversity minister!


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  1. This present Government really has got a great deal more than its share of incompetents , those with vested interests and right wing bigots. One could make a very long list. A good example, is the current great mess up concerning Brexit. However Ms Coffey must come pretty high up this list.

  2. While I’m no defender of the ‘Grouseshooters Moll’ surely the skill is asking an open question that doesn’t allow for a ‘No!’ or a ‘Yes!’

      1. Sorry couldn’t resist and it looks like i have to explain that i was being ironic.
        I was trying to show how lazy and insulting a two letter answer is. She obviously thinks it is hilarious which just adds to the insult.
        I totally disagree with your comment.
        The question was an intelligent one and it deserved a comparable response from someone who we pay to reply properly.
        Your statement (with the implied question) assumes that we have politicians who are like hostile witnesses in a court proceedings and we should normalise that by blaming the question rather than the answer. Do we all have to be barristers or philosophers now to ask simple questions of politicians.
        I am glad Anna Turley questioned in such a way that Coffey showed her true colours.

  3. You might very reasonably assume that but I’ve drafted a hell of a lot of PQ’s and if the question doesn’t suit the minister it is directed at no amount of nuanced wording will produce a meaningful answer

  4. The supplementary question should have been :- If the ministers answer is no what is the reason for it.

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