Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

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2 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

  1. Sadly, it is not just the conservatives who have been damaged by the Brexit bus careering off the road. The whole country has been stuffed.

  2. Has the whole country? Those in high office with self serving agendas or those of their 'corporate' paymasters are cushioned from reality?

    What this whole sad debacle has demonstrated is that we have a system that appears to have lost the confidence of not just the electorate but the public in general. This sorry saga has demonstrated a whole new level of behaviour which raises the question to my mind if the current set up is fit for purpose? If this disgraceful shambles doesn't cause a call for serious review and reform of the political system then what will? They say you get what you deserve so there must have been an awful lot of people lulled into trusting a creaking system? Party ideology is relatively easy for vested interest through funding support to influence , but a parliament of independents would be far harder to influence? Remember the expenses scandal, we let them sort it out, but look at the levels still claimed on top of substantial salaries and eye watering pensions. Read Martin Bell's "An Accidental MP", read Caroline Lucas's "Honourable Friends?"

    Rant over ....


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