Well done Les!

It will take a big shove to get Les Wallace’s epetition over the 10,000-signatures line by the end of next week – but it’s quite possible. Over 700 signatures have been added in the last 24 hours. A few more days like that would bring the required ‘run rate’ tumbling.

The grouse shooting industry fears this study – it would show how damaging their activities are.

Can you get a new person to sign this petition each day between now and 2 February, please? I know readers of this blog like a challenge! Potentially the easiest place to start is your partner – might they need a gentle reminder and a nudge?

Here is the link – and remember to click on the confirmation email that will be sent to you otherwise your signature won’t count. Thank you.


3 Replies to “Well done Les!”

  1. Fifty new signatures by 0930hrs today. Driving my contacts nuts by constantly re-posting on Facebook and Twitter. Hope they’ve all signed by now.

  2. More of a ‘Well Done Mark!’ I have to say, your support has always been great, over the past week or so it’s been exceptional, you’ve been unrelenting in your support and as a petitioner yourself I’m sure you know how much that is appreciated! Wheels are now in motion and I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t hit 10,000 by Feb 2nd, but I’m certainly not complacent. Of course there are reasons why such a late frenzy of activity has been necessary and so many people have put an effort in that really shouldn’t have been required. I’ve spent an awful lot of time flogging dead horses it seems, some of that was worthwhile experiment (emailing hundreds of parish and community councils) while the rest was a failing on the part of the people I was contacting. There’ll be a wee story needing telling at the end, because I saw a few reasons along the way why we are still cursed with the lunacy of driven grouse shooting in 2019. Anyway many, many thanks for everybody’s help, there’s no way it’s my petition anymore, it’s ours.

  3. Another wee thought, it’s still not too late for the League Against Cruel Sports to come on board, there’s no valid reason they shouldn’t support the petition, somehow it doesn’t fit in with their ‘strategy’ so must be a crap strategy. If everyone who can spare a minute wants to ask them why they won’t support it when so many people are desperately trying to get signatures at the eleventh hour might embarrass them into doing what they should have at the very beginning.Thanks.

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