Looking good for Les Wallace – petition nears 10,000 signatures

It’s looking good for Les Wallace’s epetition calling for a proper economic study of the costs and benefits of driven grouse shooting – but there’s still some way to go.

Another 700 signatures will mean that Defra has to respond to this epetition. My guess is that they will say ‘no’ because the last thing their grouse-shooting friends want is for the costs of poor land management to be taken into account. Increased flood risk, increased water treatment costs and damage to carbon stores are all features of grouse moor management that grouse shooting wants to remain buried.

Please sign this epetition – and ask a friend to do the same.

Thank you! With your help Les will get his 10,000 signatures soon.


3 Replies to “Looking good for Les Wallace – petition nears 10,000 signatures”

  1. Well done, Les, and well done Mark. It is just as well that we have celebrity activists in support of our wildlife.
    The actions of those who might be expected to support this petition, such as grouse moor owners and the charities who are supposed to be supportive of wildlife, are noticeably absent in their support.
    I should make clear that I am a member of such charities and am vociferous in support of them, as well,as campaigning on the few issues which they ask for my help. They should be equally vociferous in support of petitions such as this one, but are not.

  2. UK government petitions sometimes have the numbers drop when they decide that people are voting twice or by illegal means. If you are thinking of signing but think it is not necessary, please do not delay. All votes from now on will be vital until the last minute on 2nd February.

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