One last push?

A few more signatures won’t really make any difference to anything, but I’ve been glad to see Les Wallace’s epetition continue to keep rising after passing 10,000 signatures on Monday night.

Click here to sign the petition that grouse shooters would like to be ignored.

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1 Reply to “One last push?”

  1. Yes thanks again Mark! I've only had my tablet to use for the past couple of days and so copying/pasting link has been damned difficult, but later today will have access to library PC for one last gentle push I hope. Quite sad feels like I'm taking the old family dog out for the last walk before the trip to the vet. Your life does get caught up in a surprising degree with a petition like this. Often when I was making a comment of any sort on Chris Packham's FB page the trolls would taunt me with ' How's your petition doing Les?' and the most charming of them with 'He's getting that desperate for signatures he'd sell his father for them, if he knew who his father was.' Strangely these were the only members of the hunting, fishing, shooting community who ever mentioned the petition what so ever, and that's stopped now. Surely it's down to the cold snap, and not the petition hitting it's target. I do so sincerely hope Derek, Norman, Steve and Jim are OK, and wish they'd get in touch to let me know they're fine and to pass on the good news they were eagerly asking for for months.


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