5 Replies to “Let them eat grouse – or not…”

  1. So a massive area of land wildlife and jobs depleted to produce a tiny amount of animal protein when about a third of our food gets chucked in the bin and we have an obesity (he typed while drawing in his belly) crisis? Would anyone care to go straight to the sweet menu instead…more wildlife, green jobs and less flooding?

  2. In England we are seeking to establish facts evidence about economic value of the ‘sport’, and await a response from the Minister about an independent study ….

    We are also acutely aware of the number of game birds which are left to rot in stink pits or dumped by the way side full of toxic lead.

    When will the Minister(s) look seriously at the amount of public support misdirected to landowners who claim to farm sporting estates which are unable to demonstrate tangible conservation or public benefit?

  3. How about trying veggie / vegan food? More humane, feeds far more people, uses less land, less water, less pesticides, antibiotics and medicines, less forest clearance, less displacement, less methane production and greenhouse gas emissions, less loss of biodiversity, healthier, less acid rain, less soil erosion, better for wildlife …

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