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In this occasional series of links to other interesting blog posts, here are some blogs that have caught my eye. 

  • Rob Sheldon – a good blog to follow and the most recent post on attitudes to lead is well worth a read
  • Martin Harper, RSPB – ‘Why the Prime Minister must now act to protect environmental standards’
  • Raptor Persecution UK – you should read every word that is ever posted here, but do have a look at this recent blog on inaccurate reporting by Shooting Times ‘More half-baked half-truths from Shooting Times’
  • Miles King – thoughtful and informed as always ‘Accountancy will not save nature: the problems with “Net Gain” ‘
  • Wildlife and Countryside Link – I’m a bit off the pace checking in to this blog, but this post caught my eye the most ‘Japan just asked the world a big question’

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  1. “off the pace checking in to this blog”

    If there was an RSS link it would help – my feed reader can’t find one on any WCL page

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