Chris Packham talks about Wild Justice on Farming Today

Chris Packham was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Farming Today this morning – listen here, 9mins in to programme.

Wild Justice’s website is live – click here.

Wild Justice has a Twitter handle: @wildjustice_org

Wild Justice’s first press release – click here.


4 Replies to “Chris Packham talks about Wild Justice on Farming Today”

  1. I’ve listened to his interview. It was mentioned that Wild Justice hoped to change legislation. I have a petition in the Scottish parliament which seeks to do exactly that in relation to wildlife crime. As a part of that I have undertaken action similar to that which Wild Justice suggests is possible, but on my own behalf. I do not yet know how well that is going to work. If the effort I am employing at present is successful (and I emphasise that I don’t yet know) it may be a demonstration of how Wild Justice can succeed. I will certainly be taking the results of my efforts as far as possible, depending on how successful I have been in my investigations and actions.

  2. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. So pleased to see this go live. A big undertaking but it has to be done.
    Go forth and go strong guys.

  3. There’s going to be quite a few people who aren’t at all happy about this ! Wait for the vitriol and accusations of political action incompatible with Chris’ BBC position …. and then pause for a moment and consider just what is political about lobbying for Government, companies and individuals to comply with existing laws ?

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