Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

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2 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

  1. if we have too many of them, as we are at the moment, they *will not* be the future as their consumption will go on wrecking the planet. Why don't you do a cartoon about that?

  2. Perhaps the level of consumption per individual also distorts the figures?
    What are the resource footprints of children (or adults) from different countries?

    In some parts of the world a whole family might not use anywhere near the same resources used by say a 'sportsman' over a weekend's grouse shooting in a month or even longer, so who should we ask to cut back in such a situation? The poor as the wealthy can buy 'permissions' ('get out of jail cards')?

    Complex issue but it is very much the elephant in the room I fear.

    I suppose we could consider some kind of tax system based on resource useage?


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