Wild Justice some more thank yous

We’re thrilled by the reception that the launch of Wild Justice has received.

One aspect that has amazed us is how generous people have been in donating money to Wild Justice. Thank you!

Much of our fundraising for individual projects will be using crowdfunding platforms such as Crowd Justice. Such platforms are trusted, well-known and independently run. But we do also need some funds simply to pay the bills: our accountant, web hosting and website development, travel costs etc. and so all donations are welcome and will help us to help wildlife.

We’ve had lots of offers of help with our work and we will be replying to all of them over the next week or so. And we have had some good suggestions for things we ought to be doing in future – we’ll be discussing those, the three of us, at our next Board meeting (doesn’t that sound grand?).

This blog is my (Mark Avery’s) blog and it isn’t going to be dominated by Wild Justice in the future. The best way to keep in touch with what Wild Justice is doing is through the Wild Justice website and particularly through subscribing to the Wild Justice newsletter.

We plan to send out our first newsletter to subscribers this evening.

Mark (on behalf of Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay, Wild Justice)


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  1. It’s ‘exciting’ and the anticipation is almost palpable ….

    The newsletter but also the campaigning up to the next level.

    Thanks to all 🙂

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