White-tailed Eagles to come back to lowland England

White-tailed Eagle. Photo: Mike Crutch

Natural England has issued a licence to allow the release of White-tailed Eagles on the Isle of Wight. For details see here.

This is excellent news and the first releases are scheduled for summer this year. Woohoo!

More information from the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation – click here and the Forestry England – click here.


11 Replies to “White-tailed Eagles to come back to lowland England”

  1. Needless to say we’re delighted by this on the island. This is just the boost we need for our ecology and nature-based economy. We’ll rally round to ensure this is a success. Thank you, Roy Dennis, Tim Mackrill, the Forestry England team, Natural England, and others involved.

    1. Do not count on it Steve.
      The original reintroduction was on ISLE of Rum but they all cleared off to Mull.Bet us in Dorset see more WTE than IOW.

  2. Lets hope they do not get the same death rate as was experienced in the Osprey release 2018 in Poole Harbour ironically also a Roy Dennis program I believe.Reports of most of the Ospeys perishing.

    1. Is that the same Roy Dennis who released ospreys at Rutland where there are at least 8 pairs in recent years producing well over a hundred young?

      1. Cannot see the connection.
        There is no doubt the Poole Harbour Osprey’s was very unsuccessful and were the same problems to occur on the IOW then could they think up a good excuse.

  3. And the first outing for ‘Forestry England’, which came into being on 1st April 2019, more than just a renamed Forest Enterprise – a recognition of the changing role of our national forests and a new chapter in their proud record as protectors of our threatened raptors.

  4. How is it possible that NE can do so well in this instance, yet dismally fail to tackle illegal persecution of our wildlife elsewhere? They back the ridiculous and doomed to failure plans for brood meddling and reintroduction of Hen Harriers to Wiltshire!
    You really have to wonder what on earth is going on in their minds?

  5. Yes, their behaviour and that of our government is mostly a disaster for our wildlife!

    1. It seems to me that the government is actually quite good at protecting wildlife until a powerful/wealthy vested interest opposes it, which is far too often the case in this country. The case of white tailed eagles as opposed to hen harriers is one example. Another good one is the huge marine protected areas that have been set up around some British Overseas Territories such as South Georgia and Ascencion Island compared with the pathetically small areas around our coasts, presumably because the fishing industry oppose them. Also the badger cull is only happening to keep the powerful NFU happy. Seems like the government know how to do the right thing, but not how to stand up to money/power.

  6. At least this is one good thing NE have done, so we should all be very pleased that we will be seeing white Tailed Eagles over the Solent and around there before too long. As is said unfortunately NE actions are still heavily weighted on the negative side

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