Birds on stamps

The Royal Mail is issuing a set of stamps of birds of prey. Ten species are featured – all four falcons that nest in the UK, both the accipiters that nest in the UK, both the eagles that nest in the UK and the Buzzard and the Red Kite (which both nest in the UK).

We are missing just all three harriers that nest in the UK, Osprey and Honey Buzzard. This might be because the images for the stamps were taken at the International Centre for Birds of Prey by famous photographer Tim Flach and some species are rarely kept in captivity (brood meddling anyone?).

Jemima Parry-Jones has written the text for the presentation pack but I guess, and hope, she wasn’t responsible for the short passages that appear on the Royal Mail website. Here are just a couple of my favourites:

Buzzard Buteo buteo
Since the 1970s has seen a huge increase in numbers thanks to more
nesting areas.

Red Kite Milvus milvus
By 1903 they had been persecuted close to extinction but there are now
an estimated 900 pairs in Wales and can be seen soaring together in many
places across the UK.

I suppose it is a step forward of a sort when there are birds of prey on stamps rather than people stamping on birds of prey.


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  1. Only disappointment is the lack of Hen Harrier, there are some really good photos out there of them and would have been a chance to make more of the public aware of the species. Good set though, may even buy them.

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