EDM 1963 – progress, but very slow progress

A total of 27 MPs have put their names to EDM 1963 on lead ammunition. That’s respectable, but unimpressive.

My MP will never sign it – might yours? Please ask them.

The score sheet is:

Green Party, 1; Conservative Party, 1; Independent, 1; the Independent Group, 1; SNP, 4; Liberal Democrat, 4; Labour, 15


6 Replies to “EDM 1963 – progress, but very slow progress”

    1. Trevor – only ease. There are six MPs who were the original sponsors of the EDM. I’ll add them later (and I now have).

  1. I emailed my MP on 19 January but received no reply except for an automated response. This post reminded me to jog his memory so I emailed again late last night and got an almost immediate reply. He will need to do some research before signing. So just shows it’s worth jogging the memory if an original request to an MP seems to have been ignored

  2. I wrote to my MP to draw his attention to this EDM. His reply revealed nothing of his own feelings about the matter either way, but he raised it with the Environment Secretary. The response came from Dr Therese Coffey MP. This simply outlined the current legislation in England, which the government has no current plans to change.

    Her response also said that last August the ECHA submitted to the EC its proposal for further restrictions on lead shot use in wetlands, and that the government is reviewing the evidence to the ECHA and would monitor any outcome from the EC. Not mentioned was the point that the ECHA subsequently recommended that measures are also needed to regulate the use of lead ammunition in terrestrial environments.

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