General Licences – not quite business as usual is it?

See the exchange of letters between the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Natural England, published today.

Getting notice of this in an email from Defra seems to mean that Wild Justice is now a Defra stakeholder. Gosh!

Michael Gove is now in charge of pigeon shooting and crow control, as of 9am this morning. But then, he has been since he took on the Defra role.

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5 Replies to “General Licences – not quite business as usual is it?”

  1. I think this looks like a good direction for both anti-shooting and pro-shooting groups. As Tony Juniper states in his letter, we need to "create a new system fit for today" which means both people, wildlife and the food, farming and shooting industry as of today can continue to operate legally. Pigeon Pie may not be off the menu and the Jay may be off the list, a win win for all!?!

  2. Interesting times, indeed. I can only imagine that those who thought that they could control NE before the arrival of Wild Justice now believe that they are back in control again.
    I think I'll back Wild Justice to keep Michael Gove under control, rather than the shooters. We know that they have the law on their side and the government may not have enough time or the inclination to change it with whatever time there is before a general election.

  3. Typical Defra, if they can't beat someone then try to assimilate them. We've already seen how the police have effectively absorbed RPUK, the latter now practically suppress all criticism of the police, and now we're seeing Defra trying to assimilate WJ. Once you get someone around a table, you make them too afraid to leave it and thus can make them accept things they would have railed against with vigour if they were still independent. Never accept a stakeholder role, always be the campaigner instead.

  4. This could make it more likely there is a political decision taken rather than one which is regulatory/policy driven!


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