Hen Harrier Day 2019 #HHDay19

Hen Harrier food pass. Photo: Gordon Yates

It looks like there will only be one Hen Harrier Day event in the UK in 2019 – but everyone who cares about this bird and wants to see an end to its persecution is invited.

Hen Harrier Day events started in 2014 and have been held at locations from Northern Ireland to inside the M25 and from the south coast of England to the highlands of Scotland. They are now a firm part of the ornithological and conservation scene.

This year on the afternoon of Sunday 11 August, Wild Justice is organising a Hen Harrier Day event, with Severn Trent Water, at Carsington Water in Derbyshire. This is a large venue and can probably cope with what we hope and expect to be a sizeable crowd.

Hen Harrier Day 2019 at Carsington Water will be a family-friendly event (bring your picnic if the weather turns out fine) with a host of great speakers. The event will celebrate this fantastic bird and highlight the ongoing illegal persecution that it faces on grouse moors.

More details to follow.


6 Replies to “Hen Harrier Day 2019 #HHDay19”

  1. Nominate Mark Drakeford for sainthood: M4 Relief road which would have destroyed the Gwent levels, axed. Hurray!

  2. Been to all 5 of the Hen Harrier Days…Starting in Ladybower in the rain. I love Birds of prey and what is happening to them is bloody awful. Please don’t make this event short and sweet as i will be travelling from Manchester. Please make it like a Mini Birdfair. As these birds need celebrating and need our help. I hope to see the RSPB there and the Wildlife Trust and any other bird charity as this is not just a fight for Chris Packham and his team but everyone who loves birds. I expect a big crowd as well and hope these charities tell their members.

  3. Please provide a video of the day’s talks.
    I’m over 5 hours away from this one. Last year my nearest event was 3.5 hours away but I could feel like I was there by watching the various videos that were on line.

    There must be plenty more like me that are keen to get involved and want to show our support – a Hen Harrier day Twitter storm perhaps?

  4. Very disappointing that there will only be one event for the whole country, especially as the Arne event was cancelled last year. Living on the South coast Derbyshire is too far away unfortunately. Good luck with the day though.

  5. Best part of a 4 hour drive for me but I’m seriously considering going as it starts in the afternoon. Could you hold it somewhere a bit further east next year?

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