Shameless spin from Moorland Association

It’s very touching to see Amanda Anderson trying to grab the credit for Hen Harriers nesting in Bowland for grouse moors. Yes, there are a few days shooting on the United Utilities land but, to the best of my knowledge, there were no Hen Harrier nests on the large areas of driven grouse moors in the Bowland Fells SPA which was set up to protect these birds.

Isn’t it odd that yesterday’s announcement does not quote the Moorland Association, or the owner of Abbeystead (the Duke of Westminster), or the owner of Bleasdale (Jeremy Duckworth), although not so odd when you realise that these intensive grouse moors do not hold nesting Hen Harriers despite the five pairs on adjacent land. They are so unlucky.


5 Replies to “Shameless spin from Moorland Association”

  1. I hate to be critical but isn’t “spin from” in your heading superfluous?

  2. There is one thing for sure about those who own grouse moors … that is what they say never accurately reflects what they are talking about.

  3. Shameless is the right word for the truly execrable Mrs Anderson, with the complete brass neck, two faces and forked tongue. Perhaps we should ask her why the Abbeystead, Bleasdale or Clapham estates do not host breeding harriers because they used to. Perhaps she could explain why there is that cluster of disappeared harriers in the north east of Bowland, I believe the area is owned by one of her members. I’d far rather she answered those questions than for her to pretend she and the Moorland Association really have anything to do with the magnificent efforts of RSPB/ UU in producing 22 young harriers from five nests. Most of her members won’t even have RSPB on their land, I wonder why? Perhaps she could explain why there are no nesting harriers on all those real North Yorkshire grouse moors between Bowland and the Nidderdale AONB, nor any in the North York Moors. However I might not believe her answer because if she told me it was dark outside I’d need to check as she has utterly no credibility outside the grouse shooting cabal.

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