Hen Harrier Day 2019

Hen Harrier Day 2019. Photo: Guy Shorrock

Attendance: 1500+

What a day! More later…

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8 Replies to “Hen Harrier Day 2019”

  1. Very good 2 minute piece on East Midlands Today news with interviews with Chris Packham and Nick Lyall but only viewable until 7pm tonight:

  2. An excellent event with inspiring speakers. Well done Wild Justice. You announced an attendance of around 1500 mid afternoon. It seemed quite a lot higher by the end.

  3. An excellent event with inspiring speakers. Well done Wild Justice. You announced an attendance of around 1500 mid afternoon. It seemed quite a lot higher by the end.

  4. What a wonderful event! Sorry my family and I could not attend in person, have watched the twitter feed. You can count on my financial support for future projects. We will try and get there for the next one.

  5. What a wonderful turnout, well done all. We couldn't make it this year, so, to make amends, we have signed up to make a monthly donation to the RSPB's wildlife crime investigation team.

  6. Very enjoyable, and very well organized Mark. I was particularly pleased with the wide recognition of the impacts of driven grouse shooting and illegal Hen Harrier persecution from Nick Lyall (good to hear a senior police officer being so forthright about what is a serious criminal matter), Gill Lewis and your lawyers. Illustrating that this is not an anti-shooting campaign under a false flag as the shooting lobby, falsely claims.

    The shooting world really is their own worst enemy. Absolutely the only reason they are facing calls to ban driven grouse shooting and to clamp down on their activities, is their arrogance in persisting with illegal wildlife persecution, and not merely continuing with ecologically damaging practise, but actually increasing it, as more money comes into shooting, as the wealth of the very wealthy has grown, and that driven grouse shooting, and indeed driven Pheasant shooting on the large estates, is primarily an activity of the very wealthy.

    The deep problem is that for years the shooting industry claimed that they were conservation orientated, and were working hard to stamp out the few bad apples. But as the Hen Harrier satellite tagging shows, it's not just a few bad apples and is widespread throughout the whole industry. So when the shooting world was telling us it was just a few bad apples they disapproved of, they were being thoroughly disingenuous and indeed dishonest with conservationists. Because of all people, they must have known about the prevailing attitude of grouse moor managers to Hen Harriers and raptors in general, and that when they claimed it was just a few bad apples, that they weren't being dishonest.

    The whole problem with dishonesty as a strategy is that once the person/people being deceived realises they've been deceived, then how can they ever believe the party doing the deceiving? This is the dilemma conservationists are now in. It's no good the shooting lobby saying trust us now, we're really going to change, considering that's what they were saying, 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago, only for conservationists to discover again and again that they were being deceived. It's no good the shooting world complaining that they're all being tarred with the same brush, when the shooting world has been so tardy in calling out, not only the illegal wildlife crime, but the dishonesty used to conceal it.

  7. I'm delighted that Hen Harrier Day was a great success and that Wild Justice has achieved its target fund for challenging the release of damaging game bird numbers into the countryside. A 'Good News' day.

  8. What a Great Hen Harrier Day,great and Powerful Speeches, Brilliantly attended, Brilliantly Organised. I reckon this one will take some beating.It was a Great Pleasure being there.And how Moving were those Youngsters reciting their Poetry and Stories . BRILLIANT .Well done to Everyone involved


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