Extinction Rebellion

My experience of London is that the traffic is in a jam even when ER aren’t on the streets. But this Roller was stopped for a chat near Marsham St earlier today.

And a nice T-shirt too.

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7 Replies to “Extinction Rebellion”

  1. Nice pic doing the rounds on Twatface. ER Bobblehats queuing at McDonalds - destroyers of resources and cultures at a planetary level.

    1. Exactly - they are a bunch of hypocrites. Jetting in for twatface photo opportunities. Supporters of multi nationals. They all have I-Phones....how do they think these are made? All they are doing is alienating most of the Public (which actually may be a good thing as what ER wants is total chaos). We need to sort this out through democratic means - starting with a General Election. Unfortunately there is currently no credible opposition which would put the Country first - same as the current lot. Get a sensible Labour Leader and shadow cabinet and things may get better.

      1. The picture on Julia Hartley-Brewer's tweet showed one person with an ER flag in McDonalds the other four people in the photo may or may not have been participating in the protests as they show no ER symbols. It is certainly on the dumb side to buy your lunch in McDonalds when you are on an ER protest but this evidence falls a long way short of making everyone on the protest a hypocrite.

  2. This used to be a forum for civilised debate: a bit one sided at times but civilised nonetheless. When did cultured phrases like twatface come into the discussion?
    Mark how is this new format? With only about 4 topics on page one how many are not bothering to go back a little?

  3. I’ve seen a lot of people on social media eager to smear them as hypocrites. Many (if not all!) of the people involved undoubtedly have smart phones, cars, holidays abroad etc, or are at least guilty of one carbon sin or another. However, what I think many fail to grasp is that we’ll never have any action at all if we’re just waiting around for saintly puritans to save the day. I actually think we shouldn’t be afraid of owning up to it, and neither should XR.. we’re ALL culpable of fuelling the crisis, in varying degrees. It seems to me that many people don’t like having their conscience pricked, and so lash out, ever eager to discredit. The same psychology is at work in relation to the deniers that are still out there too. Just imagine how incredibly difficult it would be to take part in any sort of constructive dialogue about the mess we find ourselves in if you decided to live off-grid in a mud hut. Many of the people in XR are just normal people who want to make a difference. Does having a plastic bottle on their person, or any of them having driven to a protest really matter? It might tarnish the purity of their stance somewhat, sure, but remember that societal changes like this will take time, and this is all a work in progress. Does it invalidate what they’re saying? No. It doesn’t.


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