Dear Mr Pursglove

Dear Mr Pursglove

It’s quite some time since I last wrote to you. So may I congratulate you on your new post as Assistant Government Whip.

I appreciate getting your newsletter and keep an eye on what you are doing. In which regard, I looked you up on the recent Guardian review of MPs’ votes on the Climate Crisis. I see you have a spectacular record of not voting for measures to reduce climate change – if I were an MP I think my votes would all have been opposed to yours. To be fair, I do recognise that many Conservative MPs have equally poor voting records. Even though local MPs Peter Bone and Phillip Hollobone appear to have better (from my point of view) voting records that’s just because they voted sensibly a long time ago before you were elected and had the opportunity! Oh well.

Do you believe that there is a climate crisis?

But I was interested to see that you received donations from Offshore Group Newcastle (now liquidated, former director Alexander Termerko) and Alexander Termerko. Could you please enlighten me as to why this northeastern company and its Russian Deputy Chair was so impressed by my MP that they wanted to donate over £20,000 to your funds, please? If you can explain then maybe I will feel more likely to vote for you in the expected general election, although, I have to admit, you probably should not count on it.


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