Wild Justice asks for apology from Natural England Board

Open letter to Natural England Chair, Board and staff.

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12 Replies to “Wild Justice asks for apology from Natural England Board”

  1. Aren’t you being somewhat petty on this one, Mark.?

    There are far bigger battles to be fought without using up energy on a matter which is relatively trivial.

    I’m no fan of Lord B and am unhappy about his presence on the board, but he’s entitled to express an opinion.

    1. James - he's expressing Natural England's opinion not his own. And his opinion is neither warranted nor appropriate for a public figure.

      Obviously if it is such a small matter Natural England will be rushing to apologise because it's not worth standing by their Board member's casual insult.

      Quite how anyone expects standards in public life to be high if those in positions of power can behave and say what they like without being called out, I'm not sure.

  2. Actually I think this is an important point. I was angry, as many were, when NE revoked some of the GLs so swiftly. But that was not down to WJ; it was due to legal advice NE received. All along WJ stated it was not asking for GLs to be revoked immediately but that changes should be considered and made in time for the next incarnation of the GLs in January. Whether one agrees with WJ's action or with NE's response to it is immaterial; it is wrong for Lord Blencathra to make a statement in public that clearly contradicts what WJ said in public. This statement should be retracted and NE should apologise.

  3. Blencathra is pompous and quite clearly prejudiced. He's certainly not a suitable choice for board membership.

  4. Petty and silly...sorry Mark it just is. Some poor person at NE has to spend tax payers money on dealing with this now...all just so you can gain some moral high ground and post it all over Twitter.

    1. S - you seem to agree that Natural England are occupying, until they apologise, the moral low ground. Well done!

    2. I'm sure it is not "petty and silly". Lord Blencathra is an experienced politician, a member of NE's Board and was speaking for NE's Board.
      I doubt that he would have appeared before a Parliamentary Select Committee without having discussed with the Board in advance what he was going to say. These remarks would undoubtedly have been discussed and approved beforehand. They were clearly designed to reflect on the probity of Wild Justice whilst at the same time diverting attention from the way that NE handled the issue.
      Yes, someone in NE will have to deal with the complaint and quite right too.

  5. Good grief if that’s all you have to worry about, heaven help us all, but more to the point those species interests you claim to represent. It’s no wonder I have such little regard for the conservational organisations in this country. You are no better than those you choose to argue with, and that’s depressing.

    So a Lord questioned your integrity, so what? Grow up, stop having a hissing tantrum and get real.

    The orthodoxy of the new phenomenon that is social media ratifies the belief that people can say what they want, where they want, and to whom they want, you, Packham and Tingay are not shy of using such a platform in your vendettas. And it’s never been truer.

    “Those that live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones”.

  6. I agree completely in you sending this letter for a apology as I am sure the remarks were meant to undermine Wild Justice and was far from a mistake in Lord Bencathra's statement.


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