Election watch (15) – my choice apparently

Not exactly an honest description of the choice facing the voters of Corby, is it?

I’ll be voting for the Labour candidate, Beth Miller, whose existence the Conservative candidate seems to fail to acknowledge…

One factor is that of the three candidates standing in Corby (there is a LibDem too, Chris Stanbra) then two of them have signed up to Friends of the Earth’s climate pledge, and one has not.

Given that Boris Johnson failed to turn up to a debate on climate change and ‘sent’ his dad and Michael Gove along instead, can you guess which party is not taking climate change seriously?

Another clue is that the Conservative manifesto is very weak on climate change compared with that of either the LibDems or Labour.

And then there is the fact that Conservative candidates have not appeared at climate-related election hustings.

And Conservative candidates have been told not to make pledges for increased action on climate change.

I think we can predict which of the candidates in Corby has gone missing on climate change…but let’s check;

If you care about climate change and want your next UK government to take climate change seriously then have a look at what your candidates are doing and saying, and what their parties are doing and saying, on this subject.

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6 Replies to “Election watch (15) – my choice apparently”

  1. Yet, taking the country as a whole, that's the choice, given our unfair FTP (first past the post) system: it's either Johnson or Corbyn. And despite their great nature policy half of Corbyn's policies sound insane. www.makevotesmatter

    1. m parry - I'm voting for Beth Miller, I won't see Jeremy Corbyn's name on the ballot paper (nor Boris Johnson's).

      1. Sure, but if leadership of a party (and being Prime Minister) means anything, that is exactly who/what you are voting for. Or has Northampton declared UDI?

        1. M parry - I’m hoping Beth will be PM in 20 years’ time. It’s a long term investment. But even if she isn’t, the more good people you vote for the better. And I would be unlikely to vote for a person I thought bad, however good the leader was.


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