Parakeets and dead Starlings

You can tell it’s election day because the media are grasping for non-political stories today.

These two stories are widely covered in the print and broadcast media:

Parakeets – not Jimi Hendrix’s faultGuardian, Telegraph, Times, Mail

Dead Starling mystery on Anglesey BBC, Guardian, Times, Metro and NorthWalesLive.

I had a chat with Mike Graham on talkRADIO just before 11:00 this morning about both stories. At least this got Wild Justice a mention and allowed me to say that Starlings had declined a lot and it wasn’t down to Magpies.

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3 Replies to “Parakeets and dead Starlings”

  1. Seeing the pictures, I assume it was a flock that had dived into the road - maybe due to water reflecting + a bird of prey pass - it is known to happen, isn't it, Mark ?

    On the subject of poor Starlings I was worried to find the wings of a dismembered Starling on the screen leading to the Tor View hide at Ham Wall - but a notice inside said a BOP -probably Sparrowhawk - had taken up residence and was the cause of the gory bits !

  2. The starling incident sounds like another case of their normal predator evasion tactic going wrong. A case of, if one 'hits the deck', they all do! There have been eye-witness accounts of this happening but, nevertheless, it's not fully understood.

  3. Starling story sounds like a case of roosting birds or ground low feeding birds struck by a fast moving vehicle, why else would they only be on the road and verges/hedge right nexr to the road.


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