A few things…

  1. I got an email response from SNH today with some clarification of the information on wild hacking. I’ve altered Wednesday’s blog post accordingly. The effect of this is that it appears that the absences of birds at hack were much shorter in time than I had thought – that’s quite important.

2. Labour doesn’t appear yet to have a Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment to replace Sue Hayman.

3. Remember this flood?

This was the flood into which I drove and almost killed my car back in mid-November. But this image is from today. Although this road is less than a mile from home I don’t drive this way very often but I think this is the third time in the last month that the road, which is in the small town in which I live, has been closed for at least a day. It’s on a bus route too. Hardly ideal and mostly, I guess, due to the amount of new building in this area increasing run-off.

4. A bit more on wild hacking. I guess this is the wild hacking site in the Muirkirk and North Lowther SPA

from Google maps.

5. A week after the results of the general election became known – how are you feeling? Already it seems that promises of non-regression on environmental standards have disappeared into the air. I’m not feeling great.


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  1. We all knew what to expect after the election results. Expect things to get a whole lot worse in all respects before any glimpse of sunshine on the horizon.
    This is though, the will of the people of this country and what they voted for!?

    1. If the will of the people really was the will of the people, as in PR, it isn’t.
      The only thing that cheers me up slightly is that only a third of the eligible public voted for this shit.

  2. Re: 5
    The path to (Tory) success has been paved with lies, in the recent past more so than before. Astonished at how many people buy them. Under Tory rule, environmental concerns were always going to be pushed into the background.

    My prediction: We ain’t seen nothing yet.

    1. Unfortunately, we have seen a lot already, rivers and waterways running brown with soil and slurry thanks to a combination of inadequate regulation and/or enforcement, our publicly owned NNRs understaffed and underfunded and the agencies tasked with safeguarding our environment and wildlife no longer fit for purpose. Government already seems to have forgotten that it exists to protect the land and people and should be impervious to special pleading by vested interests.

  3. No 4
    I guess driving about and building on hillsides doesn’t help the environment. Who owns the land and who has given permission for it?

  4. One could as others have said predicted all of this shit. The mugs who normally vote for others but this time round believed the Tory lies will as time goes on deny that vote to avoid being told” I told you so.”
    We are currently up shit creek whether we have a paddle or not is open to debate, I suspect not, even when Johnson falls in the effluent, when caught lying he comes up smelling of roses, but for how long, when will he be rumbled?

    To cap it all the local hunt, Llandinam, are out today on the hills above the house and there is little doubt they are chasing foxes and not to guns—– bastards. It brings to mind a conversation I had years ago with an unfriendly grouse keeper who wished he could set man traps and spring guns to keep folk like me at bay. In response I said we wished we had snipers rifles (or a Sharps 50/50) and the right to use them. Today was momentarily another one of those days. Then the world might be in a shit place but it’ll not be solved by that.

    1. I imagine Johnson has been rumbled, but those who voted for him apparently don’t care about what he says or does.
      He must have winning ways.

    2. @paul I use my dog to chase deer and not to guns. That doesn’t make me a bastard though!

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