We will see a lot of this…

Our strong British food brand is built on the high standards to which we hold ourselves. We can maintain and indeed enhance UK standards as we negotiate new trading relationships with friends and neighbours in the EU and leading global economies.

Theresa Villiers at the Oxford Farming Conference as reported in the Guardian.

Note the use of the word ‘can’ but not ‘will’.

I will come back to the Secretary of State’s speech to the Oxford Farming Conference later in the day.


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  1. Politicians can or certainly could, but generally do not have the will or perhaps even intent to deliver beneficial actions for the environment, principally I suspect because they have too many meetings with industry advocates with commercial interests in not looking at the bigger picture. Short term gain/greed (politics and business interests) drive us ever faster to that cliff edge ….

    Look forward to the update later 🙂

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