Ban driven grouse shooting to be debated again in Westminster parliament

We do not have a date yet but this petition will be debated in the next few weeks, we hope. See Wild Justice blog for a few more details.

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6 Replies to “Ban driven grouse shooting to be debated again in Westminster parliament”

  1. Off topic, sorry, but if you want to enjoy your tea, don’t look what Terry Pickfords just posted
    on Raptor Politics , until you’ve done the washing up.

    1. Mark, below I have attached the link Trapit was referring to which I published on the Raptor Politics website highlighting the scale of illegal raptor slaughter taking place in parts of northern Pakistan. I have already sent an email voicing my concerns about this appalling issue to Imran Khan via the Prime Minister’s Office in Pakistan, together with the details to BirdLife International. Perhaps other people who view the web blog may wish to make their thoughts known to the Pakistani authorities as well..

  2. This is excellent news. I would suggest the following , prior to the debate the debate,
    1) Be prepared for the arrogance and falsehoods / incorrectness of the opposition. Make a list, before hand ,of the claims they are likely to make and correct them when possible.
    2) Marshall all the facts against driven grouse shooting before hand and make sure they are all presented as well and as forcefully as possible.
    3) Rehearse the debate/ presentations before hand with those that are going to speak. Make sure the facts are presented as accurately as possible and don’t exaggerate them,The facts will speak for themselves.

    1. Good points and another valid one is that if they believe their own claims about DGS being vital for rural communities why didn’t they support a petition for an independent economic study of it by the government?

  3. A glimmer of hope might arise from none vested interest realisation that the management practices to provide for a monoculture on upland moors by the grouse industry are not in the public interest.

    We all need to raise these issues with our MPs and also the committee chair? We need to insist that any claims made by industry advocates are current and evidence based, if not then they are dismissed?

    We need to insist that points raised in submissions are responded to accurately and any erroneous spin is dismissed and the originator sanctioned? We need accountability in these debates otherwise they perpetuate the belief that they are a staged event for marketing purposes and illustrative that Parliament is not acting in the best public interest?

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