Wild Justice launches new challenge of general licences – this time in Wales

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2 Replies to “Wild Justice launches new challenge of general licences – this time in Wales”

  1. Excellent, Mark. Thanks for doing this. My local paper (the Abergavenny Chronicle) carried a lengthy article on this topic last October, which appeared to be a press release from the GWCT complaining about the suspension of general licenses. It cited the usual partial guff about the protection of waders and songbirds. Enfuriatingly, the Chronicle declined to publish my subsequent letter correcting the press release/article.

    I’ve added my small contribution to the crowdfunder

  2. For what it’s worth, and I know this is observation not science, but I live in an area of Wales that has a high number of corvids (and raptors) and I’m not seeing any lack of songbirds here. There are huge flocks of jackdaws about, I get magpies and carrion crows in the garden every day, I can hear jays up in the woods all the time and ravens fly over regularly. Yet if I look out at the bird feeders there are redpolls, siskins, goldfinches and bullfinches among the sparrows and tits. We have a nice diverse patchwork of habitats here with plenty of rough wilder areas which supports all this bird diversity. Do we really need to kill more corvids or just provide better habitats in other areas? Maybe the anonymous person who keeps hitting the dislike button would like to provide an alternative opinion?

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