Moorland Association fails to publicise fully the cessation of moorland burning plea

Apparently stopping torching the uplands is not the Moorland Association’s idea of latest news….

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6 Replies to “Moorland Association fails to publicise fully the cessation of moorland burning plea”

  1. Following the increased risks of wildfire and COVID-19 restrictions we have supported the suspension of heather burning and have advised our members to use cutting instead.

    The above was on their Twitter feed at 17:12 on 25th March

    1. I also have an e mail from Amanda Anderson stating their members were told this on Tuesday. not sure how but they also have a Facebook page but of course it could have been done by e mail.

  2. What an awful lot they are when the Yorkshire Fire Authority says all heather burning must cease because the Fire personnel have commitments on other health issues, The Moorland Association fails to publicise the requirement. These wildlife shooters will do anything to try to continue their cruel so called sport and bad practices. However time is rapidly running out for them. They won’t be able to carry on their nasty privileges much longer.

  3. 'You could not make this up' is one of the most overworked phrases in the language but even so the words seeking to align the moorland arsonists with fire services working near southern heathlands hits a new high. I note that they do not say they are members of the Initiative, which in any case seems to be an 'international programme' extending the length and breadth of Dorset and Wiltshire. Amanda seems rather weary of her job.

  4. I liked the 'ignition of homes' - a rather splendid euphemism for having your house burnt to the ground along with all you posessions.

  5. I liked the ignition of homes too, although I can think of a few amongst the grouse botherers and their criminal employees where the ignition of their homes might be considered "Just deserts"
    Seriously management of grouse moors, even if we accept the ludicrous conservation claims of these oft delusional folk is non essential in the current climate. Given this there should not only be no burning ( ever in reality) or cutting at the moment, traps should either be temporarily disabled or locked open. If half the nation are currently advised to avoid going to work as it is non essential this should apply to all keepers.
    In the long run I believe that even if we get burning completely banned then Wild Justice should be challenging the idea that you can cut (and currently burn) in England/ Wales until 15th April when a much more sensible date is 1st March.


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