It’s the birthday of my binoculars

My binoculars are 44 years old today. I got them on my 18th birthday.

I feel I may have to take the rest of the day off to celebrate my binoculars’ birthday.

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8 Replies to “It’s the birthday of my binoculars”

  1. Ha, you're older than me for 2 weeks!
    Many Happy Returns.

    Looks like we'll both have to confine ourselves to sandwiches, jelly and cake in the garden.

  2. A happy birthday to you both. I did have a pairs of those too between 1974 and 1996, then I had a pair of more modern Dialyts ( which I still have) but I had also a pair of Leica 8X32 which my step son now has as we gave them to him for his 30th birthday. What do I use now considering I now have a pair of Dialyts, another pair of Leica, Swarovski 10X42. I found that Zeiss don't focus close enough if you are interested in insects too!

  3. Happy Birthday Mark.

    I bought a pair of those in the mid 70's. Cost me £142. Did me for 25 years.

  4. Happy Birthday to both of you, here's to many more to come (assumes you don't decide to treat yourself to an 'upgrade').

    Then again "if they ain't broken, don't fix 'em".

    I wasn't quite so lucky at that tender age, first pair were an unremembered make but upgraded to when grandfather passed away and we (all grand children) were given some money to buy something to remember him by, so Swift Audubon - not bad for the money in their day. That tradition then upgraded when Dad passed and in 1994 I opted for Leica (bins) and Kowa (scope). The burglars took family antique jewellery but left the optics! So at just 26 years young they're still going strong optically still good but maybe a tad heavy these days. Had pondered a final pair but will there be a Birdfair ....

    Enjoy the day, maybe another good fly-over for you 🙂


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