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  1. We all know to which dubious character this graph applies but a REAL Hero is Mark Avery. Many congratulations him on becoming Chairman of the Trustees of the World Land Trust.

  2. There are lots of heroes out there in our NHS and associated services. The character of this cartoon is no hero and never will be.

    1. You think this clueless set of public schoolboy clowns is doing a good job, where’s the science where’s the testing? They (and we) are still playing catch up because they ignored it until too late. That’s the price we’re paying! Brexiteer bull shitters the damned lot of them.

      1. Has any country done a good job? That’s right no one has, Just jump on the left wing media bandwagon and try to find something negative to moan about, Corbyn couldn’t even give an answer to the Brexit debate, thankfully the majority of the British public could see what a clueless idiot he was

        1. New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Holland, Israel. Still all in lockdown yes but a much lower hospitalised rate and death rate and why? lots of testing and following up contacts of the positives, following proper science. When it arrived here our oaf of a health secretary was still saying it was low risk. If you don’t test you are always behind the money. This lot have lied and cheated their way to government and yet once there are clueless about doing the right things. Johnson always was a right wing chancer, always out for no one with really no clue other than wanting to play Churchill. Even the biography was phoney crap. Being ill changes none of that.

          1. mate you’ve listed countries that at the moment have been hit less hard than us, it was going to happen we weren’t going to top the list of least causalities, the tests we got were not up to the job, the negative media your quoting haven’t picked up on that, your having a pop at a bloke for having ambition even though he was the pick of the available bunch by a country mile, you know what they should make Laura Kuenssberg prime minister and the rest of her journalist henchmen working with her, they are brilliant at knowing exactly were everyone has gone wrong and who’s fault it is after the event

        2. Germany. Go one: jump on the Johnson bandwagon – it’s what got this country into the damned mess it is at the moment. We haven’t had a left-wing government since Harold Wilson so all of the problems of this country can rightly be laid at the door of the right-wing neo-liberal consensus started by Thatcher, amplified by Blair and brought to fruition by the last three “heroes” who have become PM.

          1. problems, what problems, apart from the pandemic every other country is struggling with we are one of the richest countries in the world we have the best health service in the world, there are people crossing continents trying to get into this country and dying in the process. every morning you wake up you have won life’s lottery being born in this country yet all you do is pick out the negatives, bitch and moan. it is not surprising we haven’t had another socialist government since Wilson, who the hell would want the unions trying to run the country again

          2. Indeed, Simon!

            The tory voters coveniently forget that the NHS wouldn’t even exist if their greedy, self serving bunch of parasites had their way. As for “what problems” how about more than 120,000 innocent people murdered by deliberate tory government policy, just so the cash could be diverted into the pockets of their millionaire backers. Not to mention the disgrace of hospital staff dying for want of PPE.
            Those who support these bloody criminals should put down their Daily Mosley, and have a gander into the real world once in a while!

    2. Don’t worry – on Twatface there are tens of thousands of expert epidemiologists no-one knew existed all gagging to rush to our rescue

  3. But Ralph is right that it’s amazing how a bit of hardship or risk can rehabilitate someone’s reputation with many people

  4. On 23 January Health Secretary Matt Hancock says:
    Coronavirus risk to UK is ‘low’
    NHS is ‘well prepared’
    country is ‘well equipped’
    UK leads world in testing

    AND he repeated that a week ago!!

    We are now according to Financial Times the 4th highest country for accumulated deaths.
    Had largest daily deaths in Europe yesterday.
    And a sycophantic media.

    We are now so accustomed to be led by donkeys we don’t know any different.

    The odd thing is that in Scotland the media inform us multiple times every day that even the cat shitting in your garden is the Scottish Government’s fault.
    Funny that.

  5. Wonder how many of those who applaud each Thursday bothered to stand up for our NHS and it’s workers last December?

  6. Maybe 10 years of austerity might not have been a good idea. Corbyn was right all along. If labour had been in power the NHS would have been better prepared. Instead Brexiteers listened to a bunch of liars

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