World Land Trust

I think I mentioned that I am the Chair of the World Land Trust? It’s a difficult time for all organisations including charities of all kinds and including environmental ones (see recent blogs here and here).

I was glancing at my bank account the other day and noticed that there is a bit more money in it than usual at the end of the month, and that must be because I’m not travelling, eating out, having to stay away from home in a hotel or buying the occasional cup of coffee (and the occasional pastry with it).

I’m lucky in that the mortgage is paid, the income is largely a pension, the kids are grown up and I have inexpensive tastes, and so I decided to increase my monthly direct debit to World Land Trust by a factor of four. It was slightly embarrassingly low before – but it is four times higher now.

Your circumstances won’t be the same as mine but you may also be slightly surprised that you have a little more cash than you thought you might have…


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  1. “Your circumstances won’t be the same as mine…”
    And therein lies a huge problem for so many in our society today. Have’s and Have not’s will also mirror those who think along similar lines to you, Mark, and those who don’t. Those who are trying to live sustainably, and support life changing moves to conserve biodiversity and counter climate change. Meanwhile a large proportion of folk in this country will struggle, in the current circumstances, to survive financially over the next month let alone be able to afford to fund a subscription.

    WLT is such a worthy cause but surely part of the massive change people will have to consider over coming months, aided by their lockdown experience, is that so much of their over reached lifestyle is completely irrelevant to their actual needs, health, happiness and is a large part of the problem the world faces. The carnage, in terms of lifestyle change, which will now be facing so many is going to need support, education, encouragement and a fair chunk of empathy from those who are now more comfortably off.

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