Bird song (29) – Goldfinch

Goldfinch. Photo: Tim Melling

There are lots of Goldfinches in my garden these days, and all other days of the year actually. They are much commoner now than they once were. Despite being delightful, gorgeous birds to look at, their song is an unimpressive twittering.

Here are some examples, from Portugal;

… and from Kensington Gardens, London, UK;

… and another from the UK, this time from Scotland;

Twitter! twitter! twitter!


5 Replies to “Bird song (29) – Goldfinch”

  1. Its’s a very musical twittering surely. I enjoy it anyway. Sure lots of people do.

  2. Goldfinch song is delightful. If every bird sang like a Nightingale, wouldn’t that be a tad monotonous? Like so much in life, there is joy in diversity; as a result, the whole is so much greater than the sum of the parts.

  3. Geoff Sample says the song is lovely and that the song ‘gives the impressio of a turbo-charged Greenfinch that has been listening to a Linnet.’
    Highly recommend his book: Bird Songs & Calls which comes with 3 CDs

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