Voting for your favourite

I received over 40 entries to this blog’s Lockdown Nature-writing challenge – you can choose your favourite.

Here is a list of the dozen shortlisted entries, with links, so that you can reach them all from here.

Entry A

Entry B

Entry C

Entry D

Entry E

Entry F

Entry G

Entry H

Entry I

Entry J

Entry K

Entry L

And now you can vote for your favourite:

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6 Replies to “Voting for your favourite”

  1. Well I read them all so I could choose. Then I chose not to choose. A cop out? Just twelve different chocolates in a box. Some will have their favourites, others will enjoy each one for their difference.

    Another box please.

  2. G for me, a reminder as to how nature is accessible to everyone, for just a £1. Special mention to the poem in J, re don’t look back. In fairness they are all worthy winners but there can only be won, so G for me!

  3. Such an uplifting piece of writing and pertinent to this unique period of time in all our lives. It is going to prompt me to follow suit, buy a feeder and actively take the time to consciously observe and enjoy garden wildlife going about its business, which I had previously ignored or taken for granted. Thank you ‘Writer G’ for opening my eyes!

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